Phuket Tsunami et al

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Death of thousands. This is where it all happened. Enormous bout of overwhelm takes the better of me as I stand down the warning poll at Patong beach where Bangla road starts. It is a merry evening, the pubs are pouring heady cocktails, the poll dancers has started with acrobats and nightlife with uncomfortable sultry siren looms large here. You cannot miss the point there are tourists everywhere of all races. Amid all the grandeur I feel panic stricken for the vivid memory of the morning of 2004 flashes in my mind.


Baba usually starts the morning with a cup of tea and newspaper. The headlines that day bore horrid warning. The earthquake of Indian Ocean has wrecked east coast heavily, causing many death tolls. My sister was in Chennai, with her kids, the younger one was few weeks old. It was a haywire of network connectivity. We struggled for…

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